October Drivers of the Month

Introducing our outstanding Drivers of the Month for October, who have gone the extra mile for our team.

TJ Bolton, a seasoned driver with a decade of experience under his belt, has been a driving force at ELI for the past 8 years. Beyond the wheel, TJ’s commitment to excellence extends to his family life. Celebrating 13 years of marriage to his wife, Miranda, TJ is the proud father of five children—Brianna, Madison, Jackson, Eli, and Jimmy.

TJ’s journey at ELI is not just a professional, but a testament to dedication. His positive attitude and professionalism make him a standout member of the ELI family.

In the world of seasoned drivers, Kevin Hughes stands tall with an impressive 24 years of experience, seven of which have been with ELI. Kevin’s journey is not just about the miles he’s covered but the balance he’s struck between family, faith, and the open road.

Beyond the truck, Kevin is a family man with 16 years of marriage under his belt. He has four children—three boys and one girl. Kevin’s life outside the cab is a tapestry of outdoor adventures, from hunting, fishing, and camping to the heartfelt joy of preaching the gospel.

Thank you, TJ and Kevin for being more than drivers; you are the driving force behind ELI. Here’s to the roads traveled and many more to come!

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